Wednesday, March 24, 2010

one last pose!

hey girls, to express gratitude to this house (which has been a great space to work in and great energy and provided us with a lot of good backgrounds to shoot with, oh and of coz a wonderful wonderful rooftop to do my painting! ) and to celebrate my move to another house in lamma, we are giving special discounts off our very recent items! 25MAR HOUSE MOVING SALE WWW.KYURII.COM starts tomorrow morning!

p.s. btw 25mar (thur) is an extremely good day according to the tibetan calendar. its an auspicious and wish-fulfiling day, so maybe you like to make a little wish (a good wish that will benefit everyone would surely come true! hee). it is a wind-wind element day which is extremely beneficial for spiritual pursuits and traveling, allowing you to quickly attain your goals. haha its also my life number day, i am a no.7! 2+5=7! haha

ok i will talk to you again real soon from the new house once my internet is up! hugs.. have fun on this auspicious day! haha..


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