Wednesday, March 24, 2010


hey girls! i am moving tomorrow! in conjunction with that, we are having a little 'farewell house!' promotion tomorrow! to express our gratitude to this wonderful house that has given me so much peace and joy. discount will be given on many many items that were shot in my house, let us all take one last look at the beautiful backgrounds this house has provided for kyurii. : )

oh i am packing whole day today.. as i see the house getting emptier and emptier. impermanence is truly a reality. nothing in this life lasts. everything changes wih the passing moment.

also, there is no inherent existence in things, in what we call 'I'. we are all empty of inherent existence. today i exist as the 'owner' of this house. tomorrow i am 'guest' of this house. (this house is rented to my friend's friends who will take over tomorrow). last weekend i existed as the 'tenant' of the house giving a farewell party to my friends, next weekend i will exist as a 'guest' invited to this house for a housewarming party. haha.. therefore the 'i' is 'empty' of any identity but at the same, it is 'everything'.

'only by things being empty
can things be possible at all.' - nagarjuna.

'the presence of space makes it possible for the whole universe to set out within it, and yet this does not alter or condition space in any way. although rainbows appear in the sky, they do not make any difference to the sky; it is simply that the sky makes the appearance of rainbow possible. phenomena adorn emptiness, but never corrupts it.' - 'the heart of compassion' a commentary on the 37 practises of the bodhisatva by HH Dilgo Khyentse Rinpoche.

so beautiful... great great book. i am reading the book a second time.

thank you house for this little but extremely valuable glimpse of 'emptiness' ('shunyata' - its my favourite buddhism topic). i still have a lot to learn, investigate, explore and then practise in my life.


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