Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Backorder items for this week!

hey girls, these are the items which are available for backorder! please quickly email to leekeng if you like them. thank you.
0334-010 slash neck cap-sleeve top 0328-010 front ruching detail pencil skirt 0324-010 stretchable skinny jeans
0323-010 brushstroke print dress and 0332-010 tulip drape dress are completely sold out. sorry.
p.s. the cats seem to really like this house. they settle in really quickly. this evening as i sat in the patio drawing, tessy came out and walked round the patio. but i really need to get a dehumidifier soon. the floor is always damp. the humidity is really high and especially on the ground floor. i also need to get my working table set up soon, my shoulder and neck are aching real bad...
oh so much to do! yes! loving every minute! and i am flying off next thur to delhi then to dharamsala to see my teachers (to get blessing before i start thangka school officially in nepal in june). oh i miss them dearly.

oh! btw, kim (my 'see jie' just called from nepal, she got 3rd place in the graduating final year exam! yeah! congratulations!) oh i wish i was there to see ang babu and chimme graduate! but i really couldnt find time becos of the move. oh haha jerome from france is wearing the traditional tibetan man chuba. oh this photo exudes such good energy, looking at it i feel such joy! first place goes to ani karma yeshe, a nun from philippines. second place goes to monk sonam from tibet. kim has set the standard really high for laypeople especially for us foreigners. oh i hope i can be the next formally trained non-tibetan thangka artist (6 years later! haha..) and help preserve in which ever little way i can of this 'karma gadri' style of thangka which is facing extinction. there is only a handful of people who are trained in tibetan art especially foreigners. i must work hard.

yeah i will meet up with kim in dharamsala next fri. she will fly from kathmandu and we will be off to see the HH the karmapa on the 11th and maybe talk about paintings!


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