Tuesday, September 23, 2008

typhoon again

hello girls! my internet has been very unstable for the last couple of days. up and down.. i am glad to be back. ok typhoon no.8 predicted tonite. lucky i have my yummy vege soup and bread left over from last nite. am just going to work and work and work today.... talk later!
p.s. i just remembered someone asked about my complexion. actually my skin is not perfect but i realised that after i did yoga, it makes my skin clearer. i guess its all the sweating, detox, opens up the pores (but some frens did mention that in the beginning, you do get some pimples, but after that, once you get into a routine, all is fine). i also think becos i exercise more, i tend to drink more, so maybe that helps too. and also maybe, i work at home now and go yoga 6 times a week, i wear lesser make up. but i have to admit i love my complexion after a yoga class. it just glows! haha! so maybe exercise is the way to go to get better complexion. i dun go for facials. anyway i use laneige starwhite elmusion, then water bank cream, then water sleeping pack plus to moisturise. i swear by the water sleeping pack! its a must if i have the air con on at nite (but maybe singapore weather, you dun need to moisturise so much. i cut it down when i am back home). sebamed foam cleanser and toner to wash my face. christian dior serum. estee lauder eye cream. sofina sunscreen. diorsnow UV protective base.


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