Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Deva Premal, Miten w.Praful Live Amsterdam

singing 'om namo bhagavate vasudevaya' basically means 'i surrender to join with the divine will'.
it never fails to bring a tear to my eyes each time i listen to this mantra and especially this live version. tears of quiet joy. tears of peace. it just softens my heart. and when the heart is softened, we feel vulnerable and then fear appears. can we instead allow the vulnerability to reside, without the need to build a wall around it? instead of defending, struggling, fighting, wanting control, can we try to allow faith, courage and love to reside? its one of the most difficult things to do in life, but i want to at least try. keeping our hearts soft, creating more space, space for love, love for all sentient beings.
p.s. yew kee, remember i asked you about a concert in amsterdam, this is the one. i hope to be able to attend it next year maybe in aus.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thank you for sharing. It reminds me of the beautiful performance of them in esplanade singapore couple of years ago. quietletters

September 22, 2008 2:35 PM  

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