Tuesday, September 09, 2008

reply re: 08BAS-29.5

earlier i have a comment on ideas to deal with the sheerness of 08BAS-29.5 the white tee dress. well, to do it properly, you can get a cheap satin strappy underdress in nude or light pink and wear it underneath, i duno where you find it in singapore. in hk, you can find them at shops that sells cheap undies and they come in different length and colours with adjustable straps. but i am lazy to go shop for that so i just wear 08BAS-15.2 underneath it. the other thing you can do is, to wear 08APR B-10.2 underneath it. it would be quite nice to have the lacy ruffles at the hem of the plain white tee dress. you may like to try it! one more idea for a cooler day, is to layer it over a light colour tank dress like 08BAS-26.7 yellow, 26.6 peach, 26.5 light grey.


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