Wednesday, November 15, 2006


finally i met my deadline. i hope i dun get another one tomorrow. was just looking through under fashion trends. i must say i really like the pinafore look for winter, or rompers you might want to call it. for the past week, i have been trying to find the right one, of the right material so that it can be worn in singapore. and finally two days ago, during lunch time, i found one! which i think is quite nice. BUT there is no more stock for the brown colour one that i think is the prettiest. i have placed for orders, which i really hope we will be able to get it. becos i really want one for myself too. i already bought the thin turtle-necks to go with it. here are some rompers which i like. photos are all from
this is a peter som piece. my favourite of the 4 photos. maybe becos of the overall styling. peter som is chinese raised in san francisco and ony 32 years old. another graduate from the parsons school of design.
i like this material! it will be great to wear to that christmas party! but i would wear a slight darker top inside.
lily cole in this alberta ferretti piece. i quite like lily cole, straight As student-model from uk. but she is like in every mag and every show! well this photo reminds me of my black stockings like what she is wearing, i am going to wear that to work tomorrow! yes the cool breeze is here!
this one is a bit too school-like, but hey thats the look this season!


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