Thursday, November 02, 2006

too much into topshop...

i am just so into topshop uk lately. i have been surfing their website like everyday. i also like their fashion spreads. love the blotchy pale pink background. there are clothes on my list now that i am dying to get. i really hope i can find them. but sad to say, most of the stuff now are winter stuff, i really hope to find something similar which is suitable for singapore. if only there are 4 seasons in singapore. it will make dressing up even more fun! i feel like asking my brother to get me this small bowling bag (see above left photo). this is also a nice bag. i am so into small bags with chains now. and boots! i want to buy boots!! tonite i want to go shop for boots again! i went two days ago, but i can't seem to find anything i really like. i saw one which i adore at topshop online. but they do not have my size! i will show you in the next blog! i also love this layered look, tshirt under a dress. cute and sassy! all photos are from


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