Wednesday, November 22, 2006


for the next selection (which will be uploaded early next week), we will feature two RED tops! this fall/winter, RED plays an important role! its the colour that accentuates the whole grey and monotones palette! and brings out the life in the otherwise cold gloomy winter. besides wearing red, the easiest way to have some red accent is to paint your nails RED! and i mean bright red! or get a red belt! or red shoes! oh i love red shoes! red lipstick.. mm.. not too sure about that for asians. red earrings are also nice. big chunky ones, not the teeny weeny ones! or a chunky red necklace is also really cool! oh and a red bag! you have to at least have one red item in your wardrobe this season! and when you wear it, let it be the focus of the entire outfit! be bold, wear RED! dun be afraid to stand out from the crowd.
all the photos are from elle dec uk edition.


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