Thursday, November 09, 2006

NOV A-9 more stocks are in!

oh forgot to mention that, many of you who have asked for NOV A-9, the grey off-shoulder knitted top, good news! we manage to get hold of more stock. they are sent off today from hong kong. you should get them early next week! for those who are interested, please email leekeng. as for the tartan jackets, i am sorry to say that there is no more stock for that. when i got it, i was quite skeptical about buying them as i am not sure if its appropriate for weather in singapore. but having been to singapore last weekend myself, i think its absolutely appropriate (with all that grey skies and the occasional showers) so i will be getting more light weight sweaters in and more jackets! watch out! meanwhile have fun!! once i meet my work deadline, i will talk more about my singapore trip!


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