Wednesday, November 29, 2006

marni spring 07

i dun feel winter, and i am excited over spring now! was just looking at the spring collections 2007. marni really caught my eye! love the tailored cut of the dresses, coupled with leggings, love the layering effect created! also loving the prints! of coz!!marni is known for the unique prints on the fabric. for the past 2 years, i think the spring collection of marni are nicer than the fall one, just my personal opinion. marni got really popular here 2 years ago, and that was when i bought my most expensive skirt from marni. costs me 600 sin dollars! hahaha it is still my most expensive piece of designer item in my wardrobe now. and i think it will still be in the near future.
marni spring 2007. all photos from consuelo castiglioni, marni's designer. i love what she is wearing!! ah!! my marni skirt from spring05. i am going to dig it out and wear it in spring. this is paulo melim andersson, chloe's new chief designer, 34 years old swedish, also from central st. martins and royal college of art graduate. really excited to see his creations in march! from marni to chloe!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love what you posted here. I love how the colours come together. A very refreshing change from fall!! :)

November 29, 2006 10:45 PM  

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