Wednesday, November 01, 2006

i love you two

today i have to talk about the much awaited viktor & rolf for H&M collection! i just checked it out last nite, i love the simple concept of a love story - a fashion marriage. they even have a viktor & rolf wedding gown which is going to be on sale, for 219.99 pounds. which is a really good buy for a designer wedding gown! if i am getting married i would definitley get that! haha! you guys have to check it out at and please check out campaign images under the menu. the art direction is just great! i wish i was the one who did it! i love the colour, the solemn grey and black and white. the fantastic props! the very mannequin poses. i love the flat clouds and the pigeons and the frames and viktor and rolf looking uncannily alike. kind of spooky.
oh and you have to watch the tv commercial (and also the interview, they did a real wedding for the launch, watch everything la), i love it! love the simple concept of h&m marrying viktor & rolf. i also like the theatrical mood of the tvc, the colour grading, the music, the voice-over. first class art direction. i wish i was there to watch the whole production process. this must be every art director's dream! i so want to create a damn cool, high production value campaign for our own line of clothes.. one day!
kym wants to get the trench coat, and my brother likes some shirt so he is going to queue up on the 11th to try to get it! haha... wish him good luck, and that he doesn't get squashed by the crowd! and maybe i will get the heart-shaped shirt.


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