Wednesday, July 09, 2008

its finally here!!!!!!

hello girls! i just cant contain my excitment anymore! actually we wanted to announce after i finished my layout, but i will just show you the photo here on the blog first. so many of you have been asking us from time to time about the kyurii x sophie black eco-friendly theme tote! we are so sorry that it took us so long, just want to make sure the fabric is good and the printing is perfect! here you go! our very first official kyurii item with our very own label! the bags says: 'SHE THAT PLANTS TREES LOVES OTHERS BESIDES HERSELF.' we revised the original quote from Dr. Thomas Fuller (1654-1734) ''he that plants trees loves others besides himself.'' we hope that by carrying this bag around, it will help remind us and others around us to love the environment we live in, and be grateful of what we have today.
to all sophie black as well as kyurii friends, you may email leekeng for pre-order. will have price and measurements up soon at! as this is special edition item, only limited quantity are produced. we hope you like it!
p.s. to sokkuan (the creator of sophie black), if you are reading, we have put aside some for you! thank you so much for your help! we love the bag!


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