Tuesday, July 15, 2008

a stalk of hydrangea

yesterday i went a little too far, i did 3 classes, hatha1, followed by power1 then gentle flow. this morning i woke up feeling a my body aching especially the shoulder blades. haha. each time after a launch, i will go crazy and cant wait to dash to pure the next day. last nite's power class, i felt deliriously happy i duno why! i was smiling in almost every asana. i think maurice might have noticed it. he was calling out at me for 5,6 times in the class. well, usually he calls out to different students, but last nite it was 'suyin, you should be advancing your pose by now, hand to your ankle please' (in standing spilt), 'suyin, you want to be symmetrical', 'suyin, bend your knees more regardless of how many classes you attended before this', 'suyin this, suyin that' hahahaha i was taking all of that in with a big, open, smiling heart! thank you maurice, for the awareness and attention given to each one of us during class.
now my mind is only thinking about going for my class later tonite. am going to take it easy tonite then with just 45mins of yin. balance is the key word. p.s. please enjoy this hydrangea i bought this morning. i thought about it for soooo long before buying as its 120hkd for one stalk. everytime i walked past the flower shop, i feel like getting one but i dun have the extra money for expensive flowers. however today i decide that i shall give up buying gossip mags (at 20hkd) for 6 weeks, in return for this flower. aw... i feel happy staring at it.


Anonymous jo said...

omg that's a kinda ridiculous price for a stalk! but it is in the prettiest powdery pink (: maybe you should see if there are any flower wholesalers around

July 18, 2008 1:08 AM  

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