Tuesday, July 08, 2008

after 3 days, i kinda love taipa

i am back! from macau, from taipa! haha. was supposed to come back on monday but decided to stay for one more day. the whole 3 days was spent walking around taipa, looking for apartments. exhausting but kind of fun! i now know taipa really well, all the names of the 20 over apartments are engraved in my head! and i can find my way around without a map. hehe. i really enjoy getting to know a brand new place i duno why.
my job this weekend was to act as her spokeswoman (as meifang doesnt speak cantonese). hehe. i didnt know i can be this friendly to people i met briefly (or over-friendly according to my fren, but thats becos she is anti-social and when she doesnt smile, she looks fierce! haha) i actually had a great time chatting to the agents, mr tommy and mr wen. well part of my task is to leave her in the hands of a good man = property agent. we heard so much negative stuff about the agents there, it seems like we are looking for a husband (responsible one) who can provide us with decent place to live! haha! mr wen, or tommy? us thinking hard in a cafe. : )
haha i wonder who she will end up with. mr wen, the young, hardworking, slightly agressive agent from a big hk company who tries really hard to touch her with his undying patience and sincerity. or mr tommy, the older, laid back, humourous agent from a smaller company who actually teased her about her weight and could get away with it, even made her laugh.
well, no matter which man she ends up with. i am sure it will be a great beginning for her in macau! meifang, make sure there is serene space for me to do my yoga if you dun end up with a clubhouse! looking forward to visiting again! thanks to you too, for giving me this chance to discover this over-friendly side of me. : ) haha!


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Thanks for sharing your experiences in Taipa!! I will be moving to Taipa from the USA soon and am looking for a place to practice yoga and I'm looking for a fitness center to lift weights. Did you find a yoga studio and fitness center while you were exploring Taipa?


September 18, 2008 11:57 PM  

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