Wednesday, August 08, 2007


just came back from a hair cut. been quite busy lately, there is an endless list of to-dos. i am happy doing each and every one of them, except for the housechores. haha. went for my yoga yesterday. the instructor was from sweden, he sang a beautfiful chant in sanskrit when we were doing the savasana pose - 'corpse position' at the end of the session. it is so calming, the soft powerful sound echoing in the room. tomorrow i have yoga again at 4:15pm and japanese at 9pm with kym. talking about kym, check out his latest styling. far right. haha no la.. this is the image for a tv commercial for some asia 'call for entry tv ad award' thingy. super low budget, so he was pulled in to be one of the talents. it is aired in singapore he said.


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