Friday, August 03, 2007

whats going on

hi guys, you might be wondering what is kyurii up to these days. well this morning, i went out buying, mmm quite happy with my morning harvest. we really cant wait to launch them! earlier in the week, i was working on the design of some stationery for kyurii, talking to some people about doing a proper website and last but not least, of coz i have been replying your emails. i must say that i am beginning to get the hang of it and am enjoying getting to know our customers. next week, i should start shooting the new autumn collection, and really, try to shoot as much clothes as i can. Becos my next trip back to singapore will be at least 2 weeks, which means no shooting and buying can be done. ok right now i am going to update my stocklists then go through all the clothes, and finalised the different items for the upcoming themes. ok you have a great weekend!


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