Wednesday, August 08, 2007

what is on my mind

been thinking about the website these few days, it would be cool if we have some kind of a photo album thingy, where you guys can post photos of yourself in your favourite kyurii items. a customer actually suggested something like to us earlier on, which we thought is really interesting. 'my lookbook' in has also given me some ideas. the lookbook allows you to save all your favourite runway looks in an album, add some lines, and share it with the public. they do ratings on it. it would be fun to share what we like most out of the kyurii items with each other. it will definitely give us more inspiration when we buy. we plan to have something like that, but subject to the cost. at this point in time, we cannot afford anything expensive. i am having a meeting with the web experts this friday, well lets see what happens. please feel free to give us any suggestions anytime on anything about kyurii!


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