Monday, August 13, 2007

snow white & shrek

last night, we went to tung chung to visit baby natalie, who is 2 years old and her 11mth old sister, charmaine. and in natalie's make-believe world last night, she is snow white (her mom said she gives different character to everyone everyday), her little sis' charmaine is belle, kym is shrek. i wasnt given any identity (woah), but luckly she didnt say i am fiona. haha. we were amazed at her profound knowledge of the disney characters and their names! she knows not just 'little mermaid' but ariel, not just 'beauty and the beast' but belle (it took me a minute to figure out which story does belle fit in. hehe), and jasmine from aladdin. and i bet she knows pochahontas, aurora, and esmerelda (no kidding, i have to do my research to know who is what). very impressive, little natalie, or snow white, or cinderella, or ariel. i wonder who you are today? where is the balloon?

the balloon is on shrek's head! yeah!


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