Wednesday, August 08, 2007

happy 42nd birthday, singapore!

''singapura oh singapura sunny island set in the sea,
singapura oh singapura pretty island bloom for you and me.
come along join the song and merry singing
blend our voices join in the chorus.''
to those in sin, this has to be my favourite community song. reminds me of the umbrella dance i did in kindergarten, where life is so simple. even the song is much simpler.
to frens in hk, in celebration of singapore's independence, we have songs, different ones every year, you know you sing them to show your patriotism. they will teach it in school, and yes play it over and over again on the tv. over the years, the songs get more and more like K- songs sung by stephanie sun and others local singers. oh yes, its something like this year handover in hk, where the tv constantly plays that song 'hong kong chi chong yau lei....'. my guess is hk will be having one of these songs every year too. haha.
ok here's wishing you fellow singaporeans a happy national day! let me fly the singapore flag here on the blog. you know what i miss, the mini singapore flag with candies (that are inside the transparent plastic pole). i wonder if they still have it.


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