Friday, April 06, 2007

Preview for Kyurii APR A!

We kick off Kyurii April selections with an array of electrifying colours! we had also added a special 'Feature-of-the-Month' to highlight a variety of Colourful Chiffon Skirts to brighten up your wardrobe! when i first saw the skirts, i was really excited as straightaway a visual comes to my mind; 'the colourful flowy skirt is matched with a bright tank-top, and i am wearing my flip-flops (or maybe that pair of white birkenstocks), and big shades and some simple plastic accessories, eating gelato and walking around in the super crowded causeway bay... ' haha. little did i know that the temperature dropped to a 15degree! woah... here is a preview, more clothes on the kyurii wardrobe soon! we hope you guys have fun exploring these bright and bold colours! happy easter!


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