Thursday, April 19, 2007

i am a hk power soldier

today kym forwarded this email to me, and asked me to sign up to be one of the HK power soldiers. 'it is an organisation established by passionate group of citizens who care about hong kong. every member is willing to speak up and ready to take action to protect the environment and society.' quoted from the website. so i signed up. i am now HK power soldier no. 256 or 265 out of 307 (if i remember correctly). tree blooming near my house. so pretty! i am going to start by protecting the environment. i bring my own recycle bag when i go supermarket. i am just thinking that maybe i should start bringing my own lunch box when i buy takeaway. and one luxury i am going to cut down on this summer is: air conditioning. good i can save on my electric bills as well. to my frens in hk, if you didn't receive kym's email on the HK power soldiers, please check out: now!
p.s. to kyurii customers, dun forget to recycle the envelope and plastic bag after you take out the clothes!


Anonymous Marcy said...

Interesting to know.

November 11, 2008 6:32 PM  

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