Sunday, April 22, 2007

quiet is the new loud

its 2:04am now, quite a warm and humid night, the cats are sleeping but not me. been working late for the past few nights, so woke up really late this morning. now am just chilling out to some indie folk from 'kings of inconvenience' their first album - 'quiet is the new loud'. i think henky gave this cd to me like 5 years ago maybe. i really like the soft, simple, mellow tune. best to listen to in the dead of the night. they are from bergen, norway. next time you are at hmv, and in the mood to buy a cd but duno what to get, please check out this album.
music always brings back memories, almost instantly i am transported back to a certain year, a certain experience, a certain moment. the feeling is even more vivid than reading my diary. every event, every moment, experience is remembered by a song. its now 2:40am. see you tomorrow.


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