Thursday, April 12, 2007

dancing around!

OHAYO minasan!!!! i woke up at 11am today (finally finished APR B layouts at 530am last nite. hehe) and the weather is great today! sun shining! music playing!!! i feel energetic and ready to start work!!! i am blasting my music now haha! listening to ayumi, makes me feel like dancing! not her new cd though. wanted to show you a photo of me dancing. haha just kidding! can die.... but i have to show you guys this bag i bought yesterday! so happy! i love the colour and also the price, and also the size, great for travelling. hehehe.
p.s.: to sandy, thanks for your suggestion! i was really excited when leekeng told me about just an hour ago. and it really got me thinking. we hope to make it happen!!!


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