Tuesday, April 03, 2007

why is april always a little gloomy..

maybe because henky left yesterday for rome. one more hk fren who has gone overseas. the sun is gone today and yesterday, the sky is grey and dark (i have to switch on my lights at 2pm) and the temperature dropped dramatically to a 16 degree from 25 degree. 3 years ago, henky left on april 1st, and he said it was drizzling and grey. this year, he left on april 2nd, and its also grey and cold. isn't april suppose to be a month for the flowers to bloom and the sun to shine and the butterflies to mate...... i am getting sentimental which i think is healthy, because we human beings are losing our feelings, losing it to the mundane daily routine, losing it to the same breakfast you eat everyday, losing it to the same clothes you put on without a thought. the mint tea i made last week. i duno why i am showing this photos today, it is of no relevance to what i am writing at all. anyway. yew kee, if you are reading, the weather in hk today is like that of amsterdam (the last few days of my trip where its grey and drizzling). the only thing that is uplifting for the day is: prison break is on tonight! micheal scofield!!!!!!!! its quite amazing how a favourite tv program (or rather a handsome actor) is the best antidote to my gloomy, cold and depressing (and super sien) day. yeah its 930pm now. one more hour to go!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

strangely ah yin the weather in amsterdam these few days has been crazy sunny. it's nice to be sentimental sometimes to reflect on things. take care and have fun! i know you will. cheers yew kee

April 09, 2007 8:02 AM  
Blogger suyin@kyurii said...

AH KEE!!!! you better go set up your msn! i want to chat with you but i dun check my email and email is slooooooooooow.. argh.

April 12, 2007 4:17 AM  

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