Saturday, November 28, 2009

Kyurii whats in: 3 irresistable jackets! haha...

hey girls, yes here are the jackets now on sale tomorrow on at 9am! for those who are looking something different, check this one out! initially when i saw it, i thought it was a little over teh top for my personal taste, however when i was shooting, i begin to really like it especially the cutting, its slightly tapered toward the waist. see if you like it too. this fringe front jacket is great alternative for the black work jacket which can be a little bland after a while. i like its subtle details. understated, very cool. get it get it! then we can wear it together but in different places. hahaha.. i am going to wear it with the faded jeans tomorrow and a simple tee inside.

i am crazy over jackets! oh sometimes actually so many times, i see many really nice winter stuff but they are not suitable for singapore weather. ah.. drives me nuts. but on a more positive note, this is a good time for jackets. so for those who want to rejuvenate their work look, this would be a great time to shop for the jackets. come spring, and it will be harder for me to look for work clothes.
so please enjoy these wonderful jackets while they are around and always have fun dressing up! :P


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