Tuesday, November 24, 2009

purple is 'the new black'?

hey girls, i am really loving purple! would like to share this article with you. thats carla bruni in a purple dior coat seen in london. you may like to read the whole article here purple is 'the new black'? or maybe put on some lilac eye shadow like natalie portman. she looks so sweet! i am tempted to get a suitable shade from bobbi brown, either that or i will just get some dark purple nail polish. it could be anything but it has to be PURPLE!!!! haha....
this afternoon i went out to run some errands and i happened to be wearing this purple tank top from our earlier collections under my leather jacket. and i really like it! yes becos its purple. and also becos it suddenly reminds me of a photo i took in london. i wore exactly the same things today but i lost that purple scarf a few months ago. anyway. what i would like to say is, it gave me an idea to do a 'PURPLE LILAC & LAVENDER' special on our past purple items! i went back and straightaway told leekeng about it! in fact we do have some really nice items.. here are some which i really like!

ok ok ok... i know what you may be thinking. since they are old items, YES! we will give all of them a good discount for you! but some may only have one or two pcs left. ok so please look out. we are now in the midst of preparing and hope to get them all re-launched this thur!


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