Friday, November 27, 2009

throwing out the bad stuff..

hello girls! how are you? i wasnt feeling well.. threw up 2 days ago (for no reasons) in the middle of the night. indigestion? i duno. i think maybe its post-trip sickness. everythings been so fast since i am back in hong kong which is a huge contrast to that relaxing one month in nepal and dharamsala. i think the body finally gave in after 21 days of hk tension. i slept through for 2 days. can you imagine? i totally missed 25 nov. i only remembered i text leekeng to tell her i am sick and that i will blog about the sale later. i do remember dragging myself up to upload that sale pix and then crawling back to bed. haha.... and dreamt a lot of dreams, i dreamt of the dalai lama even. haha..
yesterday i woke up in the afternoon, feeling totally well! i did not take any medicine. really wierd. everything back to normal but really hungry. today i am back in action! hee...


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