Friday, November 27, 2009

Kyurii PURPLE SALE starts now!

hey girls, browse through all our past items and if you spot any purple items, there is a discount off that item. here are some of them on sale. wear this as a tube dress under a shoulder biker jacket , with sleek black leggings for a night out! i have been wearing these basic tank tops in shades of purple under the blazers in the recent launches. dont miss them!

try wearing this ribbed tank dress with a wide corset belt, giving it a high waist look and over it, wear this lace bolero jacket to dress it up! i love this look! i really like simple printed dress. now lets try another look. wear it just as it is, without the belt. on top of it, put on a structured shoulder blazer with heels and a nice little handbag. cute and sassy!
leggings! yes.. must-have every winter! you know what i think will go well with this maroon legging, its the cute little glitter dress launched earlier. those who have bought it, pls try it with this legging or any legging, but must be in the purple family! haha....


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