Monday, July 27, 2009

a night i will remember..

last nite club81@lamma first ever 'experimental energy healing' party was a total success! featuring leeching, our visiting healer (cum dearest friend) from LA who works as a cranio-sacral massage therapist, working on kit, while club81 very own resident 'soon to be' reiki master, jac working on valeria in the background. haha.... we had a blast! party starts with a wonderful indian dinner, carefully planned by our master 'half an authentic indian' chef, kit! her boyfriend is from india. menu: cucumber raita, chapati, tomato paneer, butter chicken, aloo gobi, stir fry vege... and mango lassi. the best i have ever had! flying chapati made from scratch! hats off to kit! after dinner, 'soon to be' reiki master jac trying out my teeny weeny tibetan bowl.... seriously we are pretty amazed at the sound vibrations from the singing bowl....
and then trying the crytal... haha... i look like i am a skeptic but i do believe in energy. chi, prana, lifeforce (whatever you want to call it).... i believe in its infinite possibilities when we aligned ourselves with it.
going through the different chakras with the crystal in our body. even cats need some energy healing. seriously he seems to enjoy it a lot. didnt fidget at all. haha.... cool.
the best 'patient' award goes to valeria, who is always so open, happy and fun to be with!
kit and i doing henna at the side. its lovely! thanks kit.
i feel so happy to have a group of friends with a lot of dedication towards the spiritual side of life, be it yoga, reiki or cooking... kit said cooking is a form of meditation for her. which is so true. we are all unique and different and beautiful in our own ways. we all have our own ways to connect with our inner self. there is no one way or a better way.
i feel blessed. thanks girls. and thanks to leeching, i am glad you stayed over and we had that wonderful chat and brunch. i shall see you in LA next year. peace, joy and love to all.


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