Tuesday, July 28, 2009

thank you to all mothers out there

today lets do a little dedication with today's blog, to all mothers out there. i am inspired by the cd which my friends gave me. Daphne Tse's Mata. its chant music. i have been chanting 'saraswati mata' whole day yesterday. i just find it so moving and liberating. i found a video of the kirtan. share with you.

'om shree saraswati namaha om mata'

Saraswati (pronounced as [sə.rəs.ʋə.t̪iː]; Sanskrit: सरस्वती, sarasvatī; Thai: สุรัสวดี Sarasawatee; Japanese:弁才天/ 弁財天 Benzaiten) is the goddess of knowledge, music and the arts. and 'mata' means mother in sanskrit. i really enjoy chanting. when i chant mantras, i find it really uplifting and fills my heart with gratitude. i believe when we chant, the energy flows. and we can send love and light out to the universe when we chant from our hearts. its like singing gospel you know.. i love that too. going to church and singing with everyone. its the same thing to me. its connecting with people, connecting with our inner self through sound.

oh well, basically its just singing which is already such a beautiful thing. singing from your heart..... please enjoy and maybe think of your mother, or yourself if you are a mother. listen with gentleness, gratitude, love or forgiveness. how so not easy it is to be a mother.

i am looking forward to the once-a-month kirtan this friday at pure central with my yoga buddies. : )
for those who like to know a bit more about chanting, click here to read more.


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