Friday, July 31, 2009

Kyurii mini sale @ Zouk this sunday!

hello! good news! we are throwing a mini sale to thank all our friends/customers this sunday! also, this limited quantity faded denim shoulder bag will be on sale at zouk, if you like our previous quilted shoulder bags, that one in grey, brown and black, you may like this one in casual denim. usual price: S$69. zouk price: S$55.

tank tops going at S$9, S$12 and dresses at S$19! okok.. enough of these sales talk... haha... if you have the time and no plans for sunday, then maybe drop by and say hi.

have a fantastic weekend ahead! i am off on a buying trip in the afternoon then kirtan with valeria and kit, oh its like my once-a-month karaoke session. tomorrow is work day for me and then going for a bbq party to kind of farewell rachel, who is leaving for singapore. haha certainly doesnt feel like a farewell for me coz i know i am going to see her a lot when i am back home. and i will be home soon! talk soon. xxx.


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