Thursday, July 23, 2009

Backorders: TUBE DRESS and FLOWER TEE!

GOOD NEWS!! this morning, i went on a buying trip and miraculously, i got extra stocks for the colourful happy tube dress! this dress is actually an exclusive 'tailor made' item for a big japanese client and my dearest supplier has secretly put aside a few more pieces for me!!! oh i am so happy!

also, this white flower tee is also available for backorder! please email leekeng about it if you are interested. first come first served. thank you!
i have told leekeng about it, i think she would soon update it on! watch out for it!

oh i had such a lovely day today. after buying, i went for yoga. after class, my yoga buddies and i continued on with our own 'laughter yoga' over some brownie and coffee. our tea lasted 3 and half hours (ended at 9:30pm when we suddenly feel hungry and went for dinner haha!) its amazing how much emotions are released when you put 5 yoginis together! the laughter, tears, sadness, gratitude, just pure joy of being able to spend time with a bunch of friends you feel so comfortable with, and more importantly, friends who allow you to be yourself totally. i feel blessed. these are the moments that i would always remember from my life. thank you miss rachel, miss momo, miss miranda and miss harriet.


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