Monday, June 30, 2008


kym working in the kitchen. last nite i went to the little thai eating place where kym works part time as the sous chef. hahaha.
ok ok, i am kidding. he knows nuts about cooking! but the photo turned out quite convincing yah. he can pass off as a 'thai chai' (thai guy). haha.
last nite we went to this very small thai place at sheung wan, the food is yummylicious! the thai lady is really funny, she cooks and laughs at the same time, and doesnt mind kym snooping around in the open kitchen. celebs eat here too. but only two tables. you can also sit by the road or in the little provision shop next door which also belongs to the same owner.
the place is so tiny and has such a friendly atmosphere that soon we are serving ourselves. hahaha.
this bbq fish is so good! oh this is food cooked with love. i can feel the joy and happiness the lady puts into her cooking. its so nice to sit there and watch her cook. love this quaint, totally chilled out place. must go back soon.
his hair..... kakoii desu ka?

p.s. yeah i bought krishna das' greatest hits of the kali yuga cd from pure after class today. listening to it now. totally uplifting.


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