Friday, June 27, 2008

happy 1st yoga birthday to me!

how is everyone? my internet was down for the past 2 days becos of the bad typhoon no.8. my tv was also affected. the strong winds must have blew the cable down. i was told by the technician this morning that the whole building was down.
but it was a nice break, i felt the universe gave me a 2 day break from the internet to commemorate my first year anniversary in yoga. i totally immersed myself in a half day yoga retreat at pure for the last 2 days. it was a bliss! i also gave a trendy skull bandana (coz he's always wearing one) to my first yoga teacher, maurice for sharing his energy and giving awareness to my practise. haha.
also, here's wishing maurice and the other participating teachers strength and love at the first yoga aid challenge held in hk on 4 July, to complete 108 sun salutations to raise money for children in need. spreading the love...
p.s. i suddenly remembered reading someone's comment asking if yoga helps in weight loss. well i think doing yoga regularly does help. some people might perceive yoga as just stretching, and therefore not strenuous, but thats not really accurate. you will be surprised how much calories it can burn, especially if you do the more physically demanding like bikram (hot) yoga or ashtanga (power) yoga. yeah me going for an hour of hot and an hour of yin yoga tonite! : P


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