Friday, April 04, 2008

flower craze conts....

just came back from yoga! after the 5 meals a day trip in singapore, my body went a little haywire! now i feel great again! here are some behind the scene photos for the last launch. we shot in tokyo on our last trip. we thought we could launch it 2 weeks after the shoot on the website. but obviously the deadline is delayed. we were shooting besides the limi feu shop in daikanyama. it used to be a pink wall, i wanted a pink background. but they repainted it white. anyway. then i asked kym to pose also! for fun! hahaha! we didnt use these photos shot for 08APR A-2. it was soooooooo cold then. had to strip off the jacket to create a more spring look. shivering inside. but for kyurii sake, i will do it! for those who would like to wear any of the dresses in cooler countries, you can always wear a light-weight long sleeve turtle neck top under it, like i did here. i also wore it over the kyurii grey jeans.
in hotel waiting for the metrosexual bf to get dressed. i love my pink socks with my pale gold quilted wedges! leekeng also bought a similar pair, she bought the one in white, open toe. nice! today i decide to rest. tomorrow i will start shooting the new items for the coming launch. KYURII FLOWER CRAZE continues!!!! stay tuned! we hope to get them out by sunday!


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