Sunday, April 20, 2008

Colour Skinnies - Special Pre-Order!

hi girls! i just bought some really cool coloured jeans! i am so excited becos i am constantly on a lookout for them but for quite long, i couldnt find any. i am quite fussy, i dun like jeans with stupid fancy embrodeiry on the back pockets. finally luck was with me last friday!! i found them! and yes they are plain! no unneccessary frills and trims! and yes, the trend is still going to be around! but the only thing that pissed me, is they dun have it in BLUE IRIS!!! how can it be!!?!?!? blue iris - the colour of 2008, and they dun have the jeans in that colour! but never mind (hint hint: our very own BLUR IRIS series will be coming up next month! i am still in the midst of sourcing for the blue items).
ok back to the colour jeans, we got in 2 colours! deep pink and jade! really cool to go with your tees and ray bans.
for those who would like to get them, please email us and title it: COLOUR JEANS! we hope to get the stocks before tues, and ship them back to singapore by next friday! hip: 40cm (one side), length: 96cm, ankle width: 28cm. it is small size (will fit a UK size 8 or 10) and very stretachable! the price is: S$59. really good deal. hehe. PLEASE DON'T MISS IT! mm.. am i sounding a little too hard sell here, but i really cant help it! becos i am so liking them! i took the deep pink one and wore it this morning already. and we hate to disappoint customers who might have missed the launch dates or are on waiting list, its usually very difficult to re-order old items.
Oops, nearly forgot, we will be launching a special EARTH DAY series this coming tues. remember to tune in!


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