Tuesday, April 01, 2008

my failing memory

how are you guys doing? last nite i went to clarke quay after i knock off from work (leekeng's house haha) to meet up with my girlfriends. we had dinner at waraku, then went for drinks. we gossiped about the advertising scene and reminisced about the uni days in melbourne. hahaha. and thats when i was once again reminded about my failing memory. my memory really sucks. there were a lot of 'suyin, you mean you dunno? you were there!' within our conversation. GOD help me.....
but i tell you the worse thing is, remembering the stocks and the dates. leekeng will call and say 'buy extra stocks for JAN A1.1 (x5), 3.3(x8), 6.2(x10) and also BAS19 (charcoal, white and grey no need green) 7 each. also the clutch: black one add 5 more, white one 7, yellow one 3. and also for past items NOV B7.1, and that BAS4.1 can we get more stocks? if got, get 8 more each. and also the guitar pendants. pls order 20pcs. when will they arrive? this week, next week? ' AIYO. i am seeing stars..
but not done yet. to all the suppliers, all these items have a separate code nos. 2287 (this one is BAS19, i chased them for so long till its engraved in my head liao), A0034, 67989K, some as long as 7 digits!! crazy right! then the dates, some stocks will arrive this week but duno when yet, some next tues, some fri, some in 2 weeks time, some will never arrive. WAH LAU EH! how to remember. even writing them down, i sometimes forget where i wrote them. HAHAHA. gingko nuts? i think i need some. but i need a PA more.
p.s. btw now that i remember, i better let you guys know that the black guitar pendants will arrive maybe next week. will chase the guy once i reach hk this fri. pre-order is still available. will update again.


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