Tuesday, April 08, 2008

Kyurii APR B OUT!

hi girls, the new items are out! this is the second part of our flower craze, and also the last batch. so if you love flowers as much as we do, and want to get all geared up for spring, stock up on the floral prints! hehehe. this week, we love the pastel colours tops, in pink, beige, pale green, white, light grey. soft and light. i kept the styling for this batch easy and casual, short skirts with loose-fitting airy tops, or simply with tank tops then layered with any cropped cardigan. also, one more thing, i added colour bars to show you the colours of the flowers on the skirts, due to insufficient lighting, the colours of the skirts are not reflected that well. i am so pissed! i feel like i am not doing justice to the skirts! for the right colour representation, please look at the close up photos, ok? thank you. oh yes, for those who missed out on the flower cardigans, you might want to check out 08APR B-5.1 and 5.2, the cherry print knitted cardigan that comes in grey and white. maybe you will like this one too! check it out! upon requests from our customers, i try to do styling for work with the clothes. in terms of styling, accessories play a major role. with the right accessories, you are able to take the same top to different occasions. to wear this piece to work, all you need is to add a thin belt (forget about wide belts for now, its spring, its all about being thin and light) and with your pencil skirt. i lam wearing the butterfly necklace here but i think its a little under. i should have turn the volume up a few notch with something chunkier. but its ok, with the silver butterfly, the belt will be the main focus. becos everything else is rather plain, just make sure your accessory screams, either in terms of size or colour. it could be your bag OR heels OR a couple of chunky cuff bangles. note that i used 'OR' here becos you only only need one of them. dun wear bangles plus huge earrings plus pendants. faint... its kind of weird to see myself in this work office styling, haha. not used to. i would wear this top with a thin belt and skinny and ballerina flats, thats more me. but for those who need a more formal outfit for work, this is a sleek and smart look which i like very much.
becos some of you have emailed us asking for some styling tips, therefore from now on, i will try to share my styling thoughts here with you on every launch. i hope you like it! and if you have any thing to share or contribute, feel free to drop comments here! lets all be inspired. to check out the new arrivals, click on KYURII WARDROBE now!


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