Tuesday, January 16, 2007

major spring/summer 07 trends!

i just bought the feb issue of vogue uk, ooh and i have to share the trends with you!
Trend no. 1: The big easy. everyday urban looks have a gentle, feminine touch.
Trend no. 2: Short cuts. hemlines continue to rise.
Trend no. 3: Shiny shiny. the little metallic dress has replaced the little black dress.
Trend no. 4: Yellow. top-to-toe yellow radiates energy and dazzling style.
Trend no. 5: Ultramarine. shimmering rich silks and satins in blocks of pure colour...
Trend no. 6: Sporty ... sportswear detailing gives feminine pieces a street smart edge
Trend no. 7: Florals. simple floral dresses are good day-to-night options.
Trend no. 8: Future vision. gleaming fabrics, sculpted metal and glamourous sci-fi creations...
all the above is quoted from vogue.
let me digest them and lets talk more about each trend soon!! now i need to go immerse myself in the mag...


Blogger evilzin said...

Hello! It is I, the evil one! Muahahaha!

Kiddin it's just Zin!

Well anyways I got a copy as well, looks like we've got a few fantastic key looks to build on. I think that jewel colors will be huge (Satiny, purples...), backpacks are making a comeback (thanks to Prada and many unbalanced biceb development) the skinny pants is still hot as it's got to go with all the trapeze tops and mini dresses we will be seeing at the high streets, slivers, golds and high shine again, and tech nylons and fabrics at full force (see Lanvin, Fendi and Balenciaga) and romantic, light girly looks (Marc Jacobs and LV). Monochromatic (My personal fav and style) from Chanel and Giles Deacon!

Well top looks from Miu Miu and Prada, Fendi (not bad at all Karl), Marc Jacobs (those big ass jewels everywhere), Philip Lim...

And boys? Well same stuff! BUT I've seen a few shows for fall 07 and things are look grey and tops are getting longer so going for spring 07 Dior Homme will carry you thru to fall 07!

Hey this has been fun!

Enjoy the cool new stuff from Kyurii and never under estimate the power of a new attire!

Evil Zin in London, where Kate Moss is queen and I am king! hehe I wish!

January 17, 2007 10:31 AM  
Blogger suyin@kyurii said...

thanks zin! hi everyone, i would like to introduce zin, our kyurii fashion correspondent in london. from time to time, he will be giving us the latest notes and tips on the fashion scene over there.
p.s. give us some photos!!

January 17, 2007 10:29 PM  

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