Sunday, January 07, 2007

KYURII Buy-of-the-Month!

we can finally share with you the bags i bought last week! the reason why i am so excited is because its always so hard to find an evening bag, or even a smaller bag. it has to balance between practicality and trend, which means it has to hold all my lipgloss, compact powder, tissue, blotters, handphone etc. and at the same time, looks up-to-date. thats why when i found this leopard print bow clutch/sling, $45, i was really glad. its great to hold all your essentials (perfect for holding red packets during cny. haha!). it also comes with 2 separate chains for you to interchange so you can have 3 different looks to one bag!
P.S. for all 3 bags featured this month, we only have 2 items each! This is because the cost price for each bag is quite high and we are not sure how they will be received (even though we really can't resist them!). and also becos leekeng and i snatched one for oursleves, so we are left with only two to sell! : P


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