Tuesday, January 09, 2007

cold tonight

just came back from hotpot (or steamboat as we call it) with my ex-colleagues. i just went through the emails at kyurii_online and it makes me really happy when you guys like the clothes!
life feels much simpler now.. listening to damien rice 9 now.. doing our own stuff.. expressing our creativity in our own little ways. yeah, i quit my full time job last dec after 9 years of full-time advertising. from JWT singapore to mccann erickson shanghai, to tbwa and o&m in hk, i am more than ready to say goodbye to the mnc, goodbye to the looooonnng working hours, to the sudden urgent deadlines, to the endless sometimes meaningless demands from clients, goodbye to the title 'associate creative director' and also goodbye to my monthly salary! haha.
i am now ready to embark on the journey of kyurii. i am really excited about the future even though sometimes it feels like i am diving into the unknown. i feel the freedom to create and explore once again!! its not an easy road ahead, but we will head on with courage and faith! goodnite.


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