Wednesday, October 25, 2006

my belly is aching..

this morning i woke up with my belly, my waist, my bum and my pelvic area aching!! hahaha which means i am uding the right muscles (for last nite belly dance class)! we did the figure 8 movement last nite, drawing a horizontal figure 8 with your hip parallel to the floor. totally exhausting but i really enjoy alana's class. she really explains each movement well and she is always smiling! one hour of her lesson is just not enough!! i think i am addicted to belly dance now. i have 2 lessons per week (2 and half hour of belly dance per week). not enough! wanmie, my fren who attends the class with me, is also totally into it. she wants to be a professional belly dancer! hahaha. we are really going crazy over belly dancing!
i have to add this, i am going to get a full length mirror real soon, and put it in my living room so that i can see if my movements are right when i practise at home. haha!


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