Sunday, October 15, 2006

london pixs to share

this trip had been really fun, though tiring at times. we flew first to heathrow, to catch a flight to newcastle, which we visited durham (where we escorted gigi, kym's sister to her university). spent two nites in durham, visiting nearby york, before making the flight back to london, as our base. then took a train to bath (really beautiful place, stopover to see the stonehenge at salisbury) for one night. then back to london again for more musicals, galleries, museums and shopping. really happy to catch up with my brother (havent seen him since he left for london which is like one and half year ago already)! spent my birthday with kym, his parents, and my brother! really happy! and had a really delicious seafood dinner in this nice little italian place in soho. received an ipod nano from kym. woohoo! coz its my first ipod. haha. london is still so fantastic no matter how many times i go there! love it! love it love it!

double click to see it clearer.


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