Sunday, October 15, 2006

before i sleep,

just needed to add this bit about shopping. topshop and rokit are the best!! i dun understand why topshop in singapore is so crappy!!! topshop in london, especially the one at oxford circus is the coolest! its HUGE! i wish i have more time to go through their accessories, denim, vintage and even maternity. its 3-storey building and i have to say again, its HUGE. got a leopard print cardigan, and a tartan short sleeve jacket! love them! rokit vintage is also great! we went to the one at brick lane! cool cool cool! got a vintage bag. was trying to find a black chanel vintage bag, but they have a white one (which has turned off white, no blacks).
i have to say i am quite disappointed with h&m. a lot of the clothes look kind of plain.. you really have to go through everything to find something nice. but at topshop, its so easy to spot cool stuff!
ok now i can sleep. goodnite!


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