Sunday, October 08, 2006

i am back!

hi everyone! i am back this afternoon. tis trip has been really tiring! however we didn't shop much though. it was a lot of sightseeing in other parts of england. i went to newcastle, york, bath, and of course london! we didnt go to paris becos we didnt do our homework before travelling, and booking the eurostar tickets one or two days before travelling is super expensive! so make sure you book early! but on the whole, the 10 day trip was great! didnt feel like coming back to asia! really. haha! i shall write more when i am back from shanghai this thursday (going there for a tv commercial shoot). can't wait to be back and really REST!
here is a photo of zin (my brother, he works in london), kym and i, at dover street market in london!
me looking a little groggy outside the balenciaga window at selfridges. bought that tartan hairband (tartan pattern trend happening now! really english and scottish! also bought a cropped tartan jacket, show you another day) ok i see you all when i am back from shanghai on thursday! hang in there! sure hope you like our october selection!


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