Tuesday, August 29, 2006


i am trying to get my mind off the bags... and my dearest fren, christine has been showing me more MJ bags online this afternoon! ah!! and saying that she is not trying to tempt me. and added that if i really want to get one, then i should get the MJ one! its hot hot hot! argh.... she is definitely making me even more tempted. but the good thing is, i can't find a MJ stam hobo anywhere in hk. heard that its sold out and people are on waiting list for that bag. my goodness! just like the hermes birkin bag. how crazy can things get in hk!! we
anyway. before i go home today, just want to share with you guys one more article from vogue uk sep, about wearing gold! i have come to love gold. more specifically, pale gold. i like splashes of gold over a small area. like some gold on a white-top, a gold belt, gold sandals, pale gold nails, gold earrings, i bought gold eye shadow (but dun think i look good with it), a little golden dress would be cool too! (like the one in the middle of the picture below)!


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