Tuesday, August 15, 2006


last nite i watched 'pirates: the deadman's chest' dvd last nite at kym's house, so that tonite we can go to the cinema to watch the sequel! i love johny depp's black eye line look!
sakaru (skull in japanese) is big in fashion. in japan the trend has been around since early this year, and according to some japanese fashion magazines, the trend has transformed from an obvious skull to now a more subtle one. the subdued skulls could be formed by patterns, it could be abstract skull, the point is not to let your eye see the skull at first sight. very interesting how an icon transformed in trends. we came to know this from masami sensei (our japanese teacher) who has kindly read up some fashion magazines and translated for us. i have been trying to see if i can find some cool sakaru tank tops in hk, but so far, nothing. not cool enough.
this is what i mean by a subtle sakaru
kym's sakaru collection
number nine sakaru chains ok back to work now.


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