Thursday, August 03, 2006

marc by marc jacobs A/W 2006 collection

its typhoon no.3 now in hong kong. there is like signal 1, 3, and 8. if it gets to no.8, we don't have to go to work and must stay indoor. out of the 6 years i have been here, i think i only experienced typhoon no.8 three times. the wind was extremely strong this morning as i came into work. died down now.. but its dark and grey. just like the fall collection i have been browsing through. my second favourite A/W collection is marc by marc jacobs. personally i think its the best out of his three labels. his other two collections are louis vuitton (he is the creative dircetor behind LV) and marc jacobs. attached here is some of the stuff i like from marc by marc jacobs A/W 2006. take a look! all photos are from the man behind the collection.


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