Wednesday, August 02, 2006


tsukarete (meaning tired in japanese). just finished a print shoot for my client. from 8am till midnight. shot a ferrari, a porsche and one 'ang moh' ('gwei lo' in cantonese) male model from brazil. will show you some photos tmr. now i need to sleep.... tomorrow morning i need to send the next batch of clothes to singapore. we hope to get this batch up by early next week!
to veron, i read your email to leekeng, thank you for your support. i hope i am doing justice to the clothes. haha sometimes i worry that the clothes are not being presented well. and oh don't worry too much about your weight ok? i am sure you will be alright after giving birth! my friend who was also 45kg before, got back to 50kg quite quickly after birth, no worries! take care! ok really must sleep now... write more tomorrow.
4:04pm: i just uploaded these photos of my shoot. my first time shooting cars.
took some photos around the huge studio while waiting for lighting crew to fine tune the lights. it took us about 4 hours to complete all lighting for one car. meticulous job to get every part of the reflection and highlight area of the car right. but good experience. rare chance to be able to shoot cars, especially very expensive ferrari and porsche. we were so worried when the model had to lie on top of the car, that he would scratch the car. we would not be able to afford to pay for any damage! so all buttons on his clothes had to be covered with tape, and be removed only when his position is right. shoes too have to be worn only when he is up there. i got the lucky job of wearing his shoes for him (mm not sure if its lucky.. its my first time wearing shoes for a man! ) my producer got a better job, she got to hold on to his legs to adjust him to exaactly the right position. haha!


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